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Be Active in your Workplace

Participants in physical activity programs report:

  • Improved mental concentration, stamina, reaction time and memory;
  • Being more alert;
  • Experiencing a better rapport with co-workers;
  • Enjoying work more than non-participants;
  • Greater satisfaction;
  • Improved performance.

Workplace physical activity initiatives are a good investment as employees’ health is directly related to the costs of sick leave and absenteeism.

What can a workplace do to promote physical activity?

There are many ways in which organisations can promote physical activity, some of which are very easy and inexpensive to implement.  These include:

  • Displaying motivational or informative posters, signage or brochures about the benefits of physical activity and some tips on getting active;
  • Promoting and encouraging employees to use the stairs.  Use the ‘footprint’ stickers to guide people toward the stairs rather than walking straight to the lift;
  • Promote ‘walking meetings’, lunch-time walks and 5-10 minute walk breaks during the day (you’ll return a lot more alert!)
  • Providing bicycle racks or alternative secure bicycle storage to encourage people to cycle to work;
  • Providing information on local opportunities for physical activity;
  • Publicising physical activity opportunities through email, company intranet or websites, links to the be active website, noticeboards and newsletters;
  • Purchasing corporate memberships of local fitness centres.  Some local fitness centres offer attractive corporate packages which allow employees reduced membership rates;
  • Providing on-site facilities such as gyms (this may be an option for large employers);
  • Providing showers, change room facilities and lockers for those who wish to cycle, walk or jog to work or participate in more vigorous activities in and around the working day;
  • Supporting sports and physical activity clubs such as social football and netball teams, and walking and jogging groups; and
  • Encouraging employees to form corporate teams for events such as Corporate Cup and the Masters Games.

Be active at your workplace by finding time to get up and moving!

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