How Dietitians Can Help Manage Your Health

So what is a dietitian?
A dietician is an expert in nutrition and food and they promote good health through correct and proper eating. They advise in the correct preparation of food, help participate in research, develop personalised diets and help educate you on the benefits of nutritional habits. In specific cases where the patient is unable to consume food normally, these dieticians provide artificial food supplements. In any hospital or care facility the objective of a dietary department is to provide nutrition that is obtain, make and serve attractive, tasty and nutritious food to patients, family members and other health care providers and staff.

Why do you need a Dietitian?
You might need the services of your dietitian in Gold Coast or your hometown for these reasons maybe:
Do you want to look and feel healthy and fit.
Maintain a healthy weight? This can include weight gain or weight loss programmes.
Do you want protect your self from diseases and illness in the future? Then a comprehensive diet plan can help avoid them.
Increase your overall performance may it be at home, work, in the field, through sports, etc.
If you are a patient suffering from diseases then you will need the advise of a registered dietitian (RD) to help you regain your strength and recuperate

In Australia you should consult an Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APDs) who gets his/her qualifications from a university course accredited by the DAA that is the Dietitian Association of Australia.

How should you consult your Dietitian?
Now that you have taken an appointment with your dietitian in Gold Coast here is how you should go about it:
Begin with confirming with you primary care physician whether the dietitian you have chosen is well qualified or not and if he is well reputed as well. Ask for a referral from them as they may be able to point you to a dietitian in Gold Coast that specialises in your case, like say you need a specialist in obesity or diabetes cases.
Before setting out confirm with your insurance company as sometimes they cover visits to a dietitian.
Do a little a research your self before heading to the office. Sometimes it helps to be armed with some knowledge. But remember to keep an open mind to what the dietitian recommends as ultimately they know what is best for you.
Make a list of all the questions and doubts you have.
Carry a notepad so you can write important information for yourself.
Try and create realistic goals for your self, this helps in keeping your self motivated.
Try and follow the dietitian’s advice as only then will you see any results, and also keep checking in with him/her to follow up on the diet plan and its results.

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