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What Is Personal Training?

Looking to finally shed those last few Christmas Kilos? A personal trainer can help set fitness goals, create detailed workout plans or routines and also provide guidance on dieting and nutrition. Personal Trainers also provide motivation to get in the gym, go for a run or get active to get the blood pumping. If you’re looking for someone to help you achieve ambitious weight loss or fitness goals, then one-on-one regular personal training sessions are probably what you need.

If you’re looking for something more casual, then group outdoor personal training sessions are a great way to stay in shape and meet new people.

Benefits of Personal Training


    Research conducted in 2013 by the NZ REP found that working with a personal trainer is more effective than working out alone when it comes to gains to lean body mass and other fitness variables. Source.


    Research conducted in 2003 at the University of Wisconsin found that Personal Trainers can help change attitudes to physical activity. 78% of people are more likely to increase the amount of physical activity they undertake following a 10-week personal training program compared to beforehand. Source.


    Personal training sessions can be a great way to get outdoors, meet new people and enjoy that endorphin rush! Plus, if you attend regular group personal training sessions, you can help motivate one other and hold each other accountable to their goals.

Personal Training Cost

The price for personal training sessions will vary depending on the session duration, the number of people participating and the qualifications or experience of the trainer. Personal training may also be cheaper if you purchase several sessions at once in a package.

A 60 minute session with a qualified personal trainer is usually between $50 and $100, while group sessions range from $10 to $30 for 45-60 minutes. You can usually save up to 30% if you purchase multiple sessions in a package (5 or more), saving you between $15 and $30 per session.

Be sure to ask your personal trainer what qualifications he or she has, how long the sessions are and what discounts are available for bulk sessions to make sure you’re getting a great deal. Also take into account the costs of equipment or facilities hire that you may or may not be required to pay for.

Personal Training Courses

Looking to become a personal trainer yourself? Careers in personal training are becoming more popular as demand for high quality fitness trainers continues to increase in Australia.

Personal training certifications and degrees are available from both online and classroom-based educational institutions in Australia.


What should I bring to my first personal training session?

Ask your trainer before your first session to make sure you bring everything you need, but usually all you’ll need is comfortable clothes for exercise (runners, shorts and a top that wont chafe you). If your first session is outdoors, it may be a good idea to bring along a hat, some sunscreen and something warm in case the weather turns chilly. Most of all, make sure that you prepare yourself mentally for a physical beating!

How long are personal training sessions?

PT sessions will vary in length depending on where your session is taking place, the number of people taking part and the type of activity you’ll be undertaking. Most PT sessions are between 45 and 60 minutes.

What qualifications should my personal trainer have?

Your PT should have completed a Certificate III or Certificate IV in fitness or similar fields to provide you with an informed workout routine. If you’re unsure about a personal trainer, ask if you can arrange a quick phone call with him or her and ask them about their training experience, qualifications and workout plans for new clients.

How often should I see a personal trainer?

How frequently your sessions with your personal trainer are will depend on your fitness goals, availability and time. If you are unlikely to work out unless your PT is present, then 2-4 times a week will suffice. However, if you are able to continue on your workout plan that you have created with your personal trainer without him or her present, it may only be necessary to have a session once a week or less frequently.

What is online personal training?

Online personal trainers provide services such as workout routines, dietary or lifestyle advice and motivational assistance through online means of communication. Online PTs may communicate with their clients through email, instant messaging (e.g. Skype, Facebook Messaging or WhatsApp) or video calls. Online PTs can be less expensive that traditional personal training sessions, but it’s up to you to decide if they’ll work for you.

What goals should I have for my personal training sessions?

It’s up to you! Your goals may be related to weight loss (or gain), general fitness, muscle gain or recovery from an injury. Some also use the services of a personal trainer to prepare for a special event, such as a wedding or their first marathon.

Why should I pay for a personal trainer when I can just go for a run around the park or something?

Because you won’t. Fatty. You’re reading this instead.

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