Quitting Smoking Tips

Smoking is one of the most dangerous bad habits that you can have as not only does it harm your body, it also affects the people around you through passive smoking. Passive smoking is especially injurious for children and pregnant women as studies have shown that these children develop breathing and lung problems soon after. We know most of you have though of kicking the habit, but never can stop from lighting up. Our stressful lifestyle and the nicotine addiction make it one difficult habit to quit.

But don’t be afraid as there are some tricks to help you quit, but remember all them require your co-operation and will power. A new addition to the aids to help stop is the quit smoking hypnotherapy. Now you might wonder how hypnosis can help in quitting smoking. I mean you started so how can anyone else stop it? But the truth is that quit smoking hypnotherapy has worked in the cases of many people and it has been studied to have quite a roaring success rate. So how does this quit smoking hypnotherapy work?

You can visit a hypnotherapist who specialises in this field or you could even hire him/her to conduct the hypnosis in the comfort of your home. The therapist asks you to relax completely and asks you a series of questions which are related to your life and general well being. He then also tries to understand why it is that you smoke and now why you want to quit. After this he takes you into a hypnotic trance which is just that you are in your subconscious. You do not become unconscious, contrary to popular belief, you are actually aware of everything that is happening around you. The doctor then starts stressing on powerful messages that start getting imbedded in your subconscious. The messages are all related to get you to stop smoking and they work with the information you give before hand pertaining to why you want to stop smoking. Don’t worry your wife wont slip in messages to get you to start doing more chores at home.

Quit smoking hypnotherapy shows effect only if you allow your mind to relax completely. This does not work for many as often you feel like you can’t let go your mind and control that easily. Many are vary of hypnotherapy as they feel like someone is invading their private space. But if you really want to kick the butt then this is a really good option. After the hypnotherapy session many have quit completely and some even though they feel the urge to light up, just because curiosity gets the best of them, they have been studied to get a nasty taste in their mouth which makes them stub out the cigarette immediately. If it doesn’t work in the first session you should go back for some follow up sessions to reinforce the message to quit.

Smoking is really injurious to health and it is not just a message or a caption printed on your cigarette box. Your life is precious and it is not only yours, it is your spouse’s, your children’s and your friends’ as well so take care of it.

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