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My journey into personal training, started with myself. I was 125kg of sedentary body weight. Apart from rugby and basketball I barely did any exercise until I finally made the choice to join a gym. 6 months later I’d trimmed down to a much healthier 100kgs and had begun building a bit of muscle.

I loved this new lifestyle of training regularly and trying to live more healthily so studied cert 3 and 4 to kick off my personal training career. That was in 2005, as soon as I started working I knew I’d found my calling and have never looked back.

A year into building my business I suffered an injury in a rugby tackle and after some corrective surgery, spent the next 6 months or so recovering and rehabilitating. That’s when I learned the importance of being able to move freely, without Pain and in keeping my body mobile enough to reduce the risk of future injury.

Just when I thought I knew all there was to know about the strength, power, speed and agility I met a martial arts master who showed me I still have plenty to learn.

I spent the next 10 years learning martial art as well as the art of healing, acupuncture, taichi, Chigong and meditation. I still learn from him now as well as other movement philosophies that interest me such as yoga, BJJ and capoeira.

I have had awesome results healing people with quite debilitating back, neck, knee, hip and shoulder problems, along with headaches and general tightness and tension.

The most important wisdom I have learned in my time as a personal trainer and body worker is that it is important to always remain humble and be willing to learn more than you already think you know.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Diploma Qualified Personal Trainer
  • ChiGong and Taichi Master
  • Expert in improving mobility for advanced flexibility
  • Expert in posture correction, stability, healing pain and injuries
  • 11 years experience working full time as a personal trainer


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  • Sun Not Available

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